Architects | atelier mearc

Location | Shanghai

Area | 2800 sqm

Project Year | 2015

Architect in Charge | Zhou Wei

Design Team | Xu Xiwen, Dai Chenjun, Yang Shuyu, Du Mili, Yu Hanlin

Photographer | Liu Xiaoguang

By using 3D animation to show how one high-rise building is constructed, it’s easy to see that the urban landscape is divided. Probably most people working in buildings like that spend most of the day sitting in each of the small grids in the office. It’s hard for them to feel the outside breeze since normal artificial light provides uniform illumination.



general picture | 建筑概貌

This project shows another picture. On the 41st floor, architect builds “a hanging street block”. More precisely, inside scenery is designed to be corresponding to each side of the cityscape including state of the roads and green belts, etc. Streets and green belts are seen to be connected here, fragmented urban landscape is completed.


reception | 接待前厅


后方等候区 | waiting


吧台 | bar


洽谈 | casual meeting

The floor of the whole space is covered with special custom carpets to make it like outside state. Technically, the floor, plants, and lights above the plants are matching well. With purpose of building “a park”, custom furniture is placed between plants. Two main work areas and several functional offices are laid in the “blocks", while central core tube is displayed in the form of a building facade structure. People can actually feel be in the city, also taking a little wander round “the park” is satisfied.


waiting to working area | 接洽与工作区


working and causal | 工作区与窗边景观位


night view | 窗边夜景

phone booth | 电话亭

showroom | 一侧为展示区

work stations | 项目组工位

The changes of light with time flow can be truly experienced since natural light comes from all quarters. Artificial "outdoor" light together with natural light creates perfect effects of light and shadow. “Indoor” light is strictly controlled just enough to meets the intensity of illumination. The combination of both “outdoor” and “indoor” light helps to distinguish the difference. Two main work areas are circled by large pieces of glass. On the glass, there are cloud shape patterns made up of translucent small squares. It not only makes better effect of light and shadow on the floor, but also let those who work here feel outdoor atmosphere.


detail | 细部


detail of work station | 工位细部 

interior landscape | 室内景观

公区与工作区 | public space and working area


plan | 平面图

Publication | 2016, 《设计世界》9月刊

                    2017, 《金腾奖优秀作品年鉴2017》